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by youtrippin1988

Free beats downloads  over here @ the links

Nothings really free not even  free beat downloads

If you are here at this blog i can probably guess your young and don’t have a lot of dough and of coarse a aspiring rapper.

You probably got hooked on rap young listening to greats like Pac,Eminem,Nwa jay ,nas or maybe tribe called quest,De la soul or some Black starr,Common,Eric b rakim

But however if you plan on really making money or getting known There is something you should know before you have the time of your life rapping to my music or anybody else’s free beats download on the Internet rather they allow you or you jack them off a site .

Producers put in work for there tunes for the most part and if they are serious they have more than just a pirated utorrents Fl studio download laying on there computer.Producing is expensive and I’m not gonna sit here and type up a guilt trip.I’m gonna shed some music industry knowledge on you that could make you money and save you money

Why copy right?

When a persons creates a tune they have the copy right on it automatically .But getting your music to the copyright office insures that anybody that jacks your music can be held accountable and in turn you can get any money they made off your music behind your back back in to your pocket.

The step that is necessary and that’s getting your music to the copyright office and you have two ways ;you can wait weeks and mail it and then wait to receive your copy right or you can simply and easily upload as many tunes as you want for 35 dollars at the copy right website this stops people from jacking your tunes and making bank on them and you not getting a cent.

free beats download and music the jackers await
Some of you may think this is paranoid and a stretch but how how many times you hear people talk about writers block or musicians who don’t make a melody because they cant think of anything,with this thinking some people just simply hunt down small artist and copy ,they figure your small time and cant really do anything about it .

There not going to sit up there and out right copy Lil Wayne no that’s foolish its way easier to get a small up and up and coming group or artist who might just have only a face book page and a link to there sound cloud and take a line from a couple verses or copy a beat or catchy melody line

Fortunately you have me to help you .When you get your ,music copyrighted before you let people hear it you get power and control over your investment your talent,you may think your the hottest rapper in your hood or town or you may be still perfecting your rhymes but just because your not big time yet doesn’t mean your ideas or not good enough to get jacked

Back to free beat downloads

When you go to twitter and get harassed by some producer trying to get you to buy his beat you would be purchasing whats called a lease of the producers music that means

he has the copy right and you have the permission from him to make money off the song and to post it in a video or get radio play ,because those things render you getting paid so rightfully you would want to pay the producer..right… .

If you are practicing your rhymes day in and day out and other people that are not your homeys your girl , mom or immediate family members are really feeling your music or you plan or getting really good at rapping ( you do plan on getting really good cause if not you might as well stop and pick a new talent if your not gonna try your hardest maybe sewing will work better for you) you plan on getting paid and should rightfully give this producer there credit .

This kinda lease that is purchased is called N0n-Exclusive he still has the copy right and has certain rules you have to follow to use his music

Think of it like Netflix they have the leasing rights of PIxar ,Disney Universal studios ,Warner brother motion pictures and other movie production companies to use there movies for profit therefore if you plan on making dough off some ones tunes rather its making a movie or song you need to pay a leasing fee(license)

free beats download no more you search for when you get dough in your pocket
This price is usually any where from 5 -29.99 for Non exclusive ;mine go for the bottom price of 5 dollars most producers do not think that’s banking and it ain’t for know

i sell my beats low to get my music out there faster my goal is to make my music readily available to as many up and coming rappers as possible and they usually have a tight budget so 5 is fair

If you think you are the next hot thing and want to make money off your mix-tapes ,get radio play at some point or make videos or movies or get on TV and want to lease beats as a serious MC should try my other site , it pretty much has all the hot beats as the free site but without the annoying vocal tags every 30 secs see what money gets you

Next is a rappers favorite kinda way to spend money for a beat ,but its always expensive and its Exclusive rights the producer signs over his Copyright of his beat for you ,then you can do whatever you want with it on average the price for this if the producers isn’t desperate for cash ranges from 300-100,000 per beat yes this is the guy or gal giving you there creative work and you own it

Follow these Music business rules as a Artist and you want have this issue of getting sued off your butt and having your grand kids making payment for what you owe to a producer and his record company or just him if his some dude like me

SO take your talent seriously if you would like to make it a career which in my book doesn’t always mean being the next big time artist on every mag and TV and radio station but just making a mix-tape and selling it at your high school ,college or whatever place on the street makes you business man

Take it from Slim thug the big time underground Texas rapper He made more money being underground then when he joined the major label

so just making a profit off of selling your CD even if it is one you have already made being a rapper a career choice
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